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Arncliffe - Suburb profile & LINK's one-to-watch.

March 28, 2022
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If you read the daily newspapers, you would need to be skimming, pretty hard, to have missed the noise being made about Arncliffe over the last few months.

It's on the top of every experts list as a 'one to watch in 2022', a 'multicultural precinct drawing in a new demographic of young people'. The team at LINK agrees.  We want to use this week's blog to look at why. Firstly, let's take quick moment to place Arncliffe in the rapidly changing market that is Sydney.

Located around 10Km from the Sydney CBD and connected into the city in 4 stations by rail, Arncliffe is centrally located and within an easy commute of employment hubs - but more so, it provides access to a handful of small outdoor parks which compliment the bigger green spaces. Access to the seaside by car and the character of the inner-west and inner-city right on its doorstep. It is celebrated for its diversity & everything associated with that including food and vibrant communities - a glance at the breakdown languages spoken at home proves Arncliffe is no cultural one-trick-pony.

The location is primed for growth. We see Arncliffe as the next, and in fact current, beneficiary of gentrification and urban renewal. It's surrounded by suburbs which have, over the years, already benefited from rejuvenation & reinvention, think Alexandria, parts of Botany & the inner-west. Arncliffe's time has come.

Apartment affordability is central to the value proposition and why we continually see this area featured as an up-and-comer.

On average, a 2-bedroom apartment in Arncliffe will save you over $150K compared with something only a few minutes closer into the city.

Vibrancy, prosperity & growth is guaranteed in Arncliffe - and we can see that because of the near-term population projections in the Bayside council area. Over the course of the next 12 years there is a forecast population increase of 25 thousand people between the ages of 25 and 40,  who will call the Bayside area home. That's not the total that's the uptick in that age rage alone! There will be near 100 thousand young professionals, young families living in this precinct. What's interesting to us is not so much the continued local legacy of young people who already know Arncliffe well and want to build a life there - but where exaclty the waves of younger people & young families will be coming from. We can already see that Arncliffe is drawing in young professionals from Marrickville, Dulwich Hill, Rosebery.. the list goes on.

Connectivity is key. Straight into Central station in around 20 minutes. Into the inner west in 10. Airport access in 5 minutes without the impacts of Aircraft noise - which is shifted further south and east. Beachside access to Brighton-le-sands & Kymeeagh beaches in no time.

What is most exciting is the new green future which is on the horizon. Arncliffe has been designated as a planned precinct by the NSW government, which alongside investments from the Bayside Council - a $3 Million revamp to Arncliffe town centre, bicycle lanes added, an increased local tree canopy to the tune of 900 trees, the rejuvenation of public parks & amenities. What’s more a big vision for the new park next to Arncliffe Station on the corner of Arncliffe Street and Burrows Street. This park will be at least 7,000 square metres in size including recreation space, areas for children's play, an off-leash dog park & community facility.

We see a clear vision of growth, rejuvination & vibrancy in the pipeline for this precinct which has been overlooked until now. Which is why LINK is calling Arncliffe it's one-to-watch in 2022.

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