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Strategy, Execution & Distribution.


We provide an end-to-end service with a straight forward process. We’re not simply a sales channel.

LINK adds value at any stage of the project lifecycle. Partner with us sooner to turbo-charge results.
At each stage of the development process LINK adds value & insight to increase your profitability. A true end-to-end partnership allows for more opportunity to maximise returns. Stage by Stage, LINK manages and improves through research, technology, and a hands-on team with the clear objective to deliver more profit and faster.
Our speed to market, technology & productisation puts your project in front of engaged buyers sooner.
Time kills deals. We have a straightforward, systemised approach to bring projects to life fast and put homes and investments in front of large groups of buyers sooner.
Our research, network & insights will optimise your revenue.
Our advisory services will boost your revenue. LINK leverages the data gained in 30 years of successful partnerships. A tested model which is built on local neighbourhood-knowledge Australia-wide. A 3-way exchange of information from our network, buyers and development partners ensures you always have your ear on the ground.
Our diversified distribution network drives demand.
Hundreds of agencies. Thousands of agents. Our distribution network is international and second to none.
$5 billion in sales and counting.
LINK has delivered over $5 Billion in sales. Integrity, transparency & efficiency is at the core of every decision. Enduring relationships with our clients & agents attest to the strength of our partnerships.


30 years of insight combined with the focus of an experienced research team contributes to a solid foundation of success. Strategic decisions made up-front, based on a multitude of data points and a pipeline of intel will optimise each and every stage of your development from project inception to settlement.


LINK leverages the power of the ProjectRE platform. A bespoke cloud-based toolbox of applications specifically designed to give a competitive edge throughout the project lifecycle. It is a tried and tested cutting edge solution. From listing and allocations, through to dynamic project pricing, contracts & variations to settlements. Every detail is important , every data point is actionable - it is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Branding and Marketing

We place your customer at the centre of our strategy.

LINK is an expert provider of project brand development & project market-positioning. We are a proven partner in all project marketing including CGI, digital & hard-copy collateral, website production, experiential marketing & delivery of best-in-class display suites. Our philosophy is a holistic vision of your project where every element from brand concept to product delivery is in alignment.

Distribution Network

Our strong Australian & International distribution network comprises hundreds of agencies, thousands of agents & referral partners. Aside from a ready-built sales pipeline we employ a constant feedback loop which means LINK acts as an ever-present connection between developers, buyers and agents in real-time.

Concept and Product Design

We are a local team of experienced subject matter experts. LINK delivers successful outcomes in concept & product development, with an eye for what buyers are looking for. We know from experience and from data what works and what doesn’t.

Partners in success

For over 30 years LINK has been an innovative & dependable project partner.

Ambitious developers of quality projects who aim to mitigate risk & maximise revenue continue to put their trust in LINK. Our partnerships are enduring which is a measure of the approach we bring to every opportunity. LINK has delivered over $5 Billion in sales and counting.

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Our distribution network is the envy of the industry, underpinning successful projects for decades. Key to its continued strength is rejuvenation. If you are a developer looking for a proven sales channel & more, a buyers agent or investor looking to access quality stock, let’s chat.

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Our Team
Michael Klevansky
Chief Executive Officer

With a passion for creating businesses that challenge the status quo, Michael has over 20 years’ experience working in the technology and property sectors across Australia, New York and London. Michael co-designed the technology and operating platform that allows LINK to effortlessly reach a greater percentage of the market without the need for expensive retail marketing campaigns, to manage lead generation and sales support for LINK’s network of local channel agents across Australia then provide real-time, transparent sales data to developers.

Tom McIvor

At LINK, Tom is responsible for coordinating sales strategy and advisory for primarily large scale residential, mixed-use and urban regeneration projects. Joining the team in 2016 as a Sales Executive, his dedication and professionalism was recognised with promotion to Associate Director in 2018 and Director in 2020, to now become a close 2ic to Michael Klevansky. Currently finalising his Masters in Property at UTS, Tom draws on his experience in retail development, sales, proptech and advisory, along with his extensive industry network to successfully manage multiple projects and acquisitions for LINK’s wide range of clients.

Jennifer Lau
Chief Financial Officer

Jen is a fully qualified CPA with more than 20 years’ finance experience gained working as an Accountant and Financial Controller. She joined the LINK team in 2014 where she oversees all financial and operational aspects of the business.

Yen Truong
Special Projects Director

Yen joined LINK in 2014 as a key member of the project marketing team, later becoming Special Project Director where she expanded her skills in settlement management. She has successfully overseen the completion of projects from sales through to settlement and is committed to achieving the best outcome for all LINK partners including developers, consultants, agents and end-purchasers. With a diverse industry network gained working across the industry including market research, branding and signage, Yen continues to develop strong, positive relationships within each project team she is a member.

Ben Hamblett

With a passion for property, architecture and sales Ben brings 11 plus years in residential project marketing expertise. Ben has been responsible for nearly $1b worth of sales in some of Sydney and Brisbane's most prestigious residential developments. He brings to LINK a wealth of knowledge from his previous experience at CBRE Residential Projects and his own project marketing firm for nearly 7 years. Ben has sold Australian properties locally in Australia as well as mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea. With an intimate knowledge of the property market and the sales process Ben is able to always help his clients achieve their shared goals.

Amy Li
Account Manager

Amy Li joined the link team in 2022, bringing with her, a decade of experience in real estate. Amy has experience in leading sales teams across multiple projects including pricing, marketing strategy, monitoring sales and settlements. Achieving over $100 million in sales during difficult market periods and bringing an exemplary level of service to all stakeholders.

Ned Wilson

Ned joined the LINK team in 2020 as Corporate Marketing Manager. He has experience in corporate communications & marketing in property commerce, FMCG and finance, both in-house and agency-side in Australia and the UK.

Basil Klevansky

Basil has had an illustrious career of over 40 years in property across South Africa, the UK, Spain, India and Australia delivering luxury resorts and large-scale residential including 10 years as General Manager at Payce Consolidated. Overseeing developments from inception to completion, he developed an innate understanding of the critical success factors of project funding, feasibility, construction cost-efficiencies, marketing strategy and sales management. He founded LINK in 1996 with a focus on project sales and marketing for off-the-plan residential developments and still guides the team with his understanding of developers’ expectations as well as the journey of the home buyer, drawing on his greatest skill – bringing people together.

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