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LINK is recognised as Australia’s premiere property sales and marketing agency, specialising in new off the plan residential projects. With over 30 years of industry experience, LINK has been responsible for the sales and marketing of thousands of properties in Australia, South Africa, Spain and the United Kingdom.

LINK’s consistent success has been built on the foundation of tailored sales and marketing strategies. First, LINK assesses market conditions and the unique project attributes. From there, a holistic marketing strategy is constructed around a unique property identity to meet market needs. Our purchasers are not just investing in an exceptional apartment, they are investing in a sense of community and belonging. When given the green light on the strategy, LINK will see the project through from launch to successful conclusion.

A key element of the LINK sales model is a focus on creating strong demand for each project. LINK achieves this in its dual approach to sales, which connects projects to more domestic and international buyers, faster. In addition to a cutting-edge retail team, LINK takes a strength in numbers approach to sales with its experienced channel team that directs over 1000 real estate agents. LINK’s dual approach not only diversifies risk, it also maximises sales volume.

This is the LINK difference.