LINK is recognised as one of Australia’s premier boutique property sales and marketing agencies, specialising in new off-the-plan residential projects. With over 30 years of industry experience, LINK knows that made-to-measure sales and marketing strategies are key to the efficient and effective sale of every project. 

Central to LINK’s sales & marketing strategy is a focus on creating strong demand for each project. LINK achieves this through its experienced channel team who directs over 2500 real estate agents based in various local markets throughout Australia. This strength in numbers approach does more than diversify risk; it maximises sales volume.

LINK complements its sales and marketing prowess with an inimitable knack for forging and maintaining long-term relationships. Whether you’re a developer, sales agent or purchaser of one of our projects, our team of dedicated professionals will provide a level of personalised service unmatched in this industry.



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Managing Director

Basil founded LINK in 1996 and has since grown it into the highly-regarded and respected off-the-plan sales and marketing agency that it is today. Having been General Manager of Payce for over 10 years, Basil leads LINK with 40-years’ expertise in project funding, feasibility, construction cost-efficiencies, marketing strategy and sales management.



General Manager

Since joining LINK in 2013, Michael has played an integral role in the successful sale of numerous off the plan projects. Michael’s ability to converge his extensive experience in technology with property marketing has enabled him to lead LINK in a progressive and pragmatic direction.




Clint leads LINK as Business Director with over 25 years’ experience in real estate. As founder of Foxwood Property and Principal of Belle Property International Sydney, Clint has been responsible for the successful management of countless residential projects throughout Australia. Clint’s strong liaison and leadership skills are an undeniable asset to LINK’s ongoing expansion and success.



Director of Channel

A native of Sydney’s inner city, Anna is a real estate industry veteran. Working as an Account Manager, Anna has a long record of successfully guiding local and national clients with their commercial real estate acquisitions. Anna specialises in applying her expertise and market knowledge to connect agents with developers throughout Sydney and Australia.